Compassion Sunday

Compassion Sunday has helped our church foster a way of learning about the life of Christ. Through the child sponsorship relationship, our people can actually practice the values of compassion, mercy, generosity, and sacrifice.
Jeff Lockyer, Southridge Community Church, ON
The sign up table is a great place to really interact one on one with people who are potential sponsors...and for me being able to help connect them with their sponsored child has been a really incredible experience.
Michelle Akins, Newburg, OR
The best part of Compassion Sunday is I know this is going to be good for a father, a mother, and their children when they get involved. So to me, something good for the families is great.
Bob Fox, Red Mountain Community Church, AZ
There is so much need out there, and so many organizations attempting to meet those needs, but with Compassion, they are really in line with what we are doing. We just want people to know and love Jesus, and how much He loves them.
Linda Guthrie, Covenant United Methodist Church, SC
Compassion Sunday has taken what can kind of be this huge issue of ‘how do you help people in poverty around the world’ and made it personal. With Compassion, I can have a connection with one child...and I would highly recommend that for any pastor to consider.
Gregg Koskela, Newberg Friends Church, OR

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