Compassion Sunday

Once you have gained permission to make a Compassion Sunday presentation from your church leader, and have registered the date of your event, it’s time to plan your presentation.

1. Pray.

Ask God to guide you every step of the way.

2. Share from your heart.

Your own sponsorship story is powerful. Click here to find out how you can use your own experiences of sponsorship to share your heart for children living in poverty.

3. Show the video.

Help people to see the impact that sponsorship can have by showing the short video.
View our video here.

4. Ask people to sponsor a child.

This is the opportunity people have been waiting for. Invite them to sponsor a child on this special day.

5. Help people sign up.

Set up a sponsorship table and display the child packets we send you. Be there at the end of the service to help people select a child and sign up.

Here is a suggested outline and script you could use for your Compassion Sunday presentation. But be sure to use your own words and heartfelt thoughts as God leads you. Make any changes you want. This outline is simply here to help you get started.


Hi, my name is (name). Welcome—it’s great to see everyone.

Your Sponsored Child

Before I start, I want to introduce you to someone who is very special to me. (Hold up the photo of your sponsored child.) This is (name of child)—a little boy/girl that I/we sponsor in (country).

OPTION: Briefly share a little about this child—personal thoughts/feelings. How has this blessed you? How has this child impacted your family, your faith?

She’s just one of the millions of children who live in extreme poverty and face incredible challenges each and every day.

For children like (name), it isn’t just hunger, or poor living conditions, that cause her such harm. Many kids in poverty have come to believe that their lives simply don’t matter—that they are worthless, unloved, and that they have no hope.

By sponsoring (name) through Compassion, I/we have found a personal way to intervene in her life, tell her that she is loved, and help her find a way out of poverty. We write to (name), and we get letters back. She knows that we care about her, and she has become a very special person in our lives.

Introduce the Video

Today is Compassion Sunday. Christians across the country are speaking up for children who are living in horrible, dangerous, and tragic circumstances.

Perhaps you already sponsor a child. Or maybe you have always wanted to, but just haven’t been sure how to start.

Let’s watch this short Compassion Sunday video—and as you watch, please consider whether today might be the day that God calls you to begin your personal ministry to a child—in the name of Jesus.

Show the Video (3:40)

Show the video

Personal Thoughts

This video has special meaning to me because we have been sponsoring a child who has become very important to us.

OPTION: You may want to share a favorite Bible verse or passage here about God’s love for the poor (see some options here). Share any personal thoughts or lessons God has taught you. How has being a sponsor affected your spiritual life/relationship with God?

Invite People to Sponsor a Child

Today, I want to invite you to sponsor a child of your own.

This could be a great ministry opportunity for you, or your family. It’s your opportunity to come alongside a boy or girl who desperately needs to experience the love of Christ.

I have a table set up (give location) with photos of several children who are on the waiting list right now. You can choose to sponsor one of these children and take home the packet today.

OPTION: You may want to hold up a couple of the child packets – and read the names of some of the children.

After the service, I’ll be at the table to answer any questions you may have. As a church family, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find sponsors for some, or even all, of these children? Be sure to stop by the table. I’d love to help you select a child and begin your personal sponsorship experience today.

Share any final thoughts as God leads you.

Top Tips from Past Compassion Sunday Participants

  • Many sponsors have shared with us creative ideas they have used at their Compassion Sunday event. We hope these spark other ides of your own, or please feel free to use these.
  • Make it personal – read your child letters, show your sponsored child’s photo, share your story!
  • Ask current sponsors to stand before you begin your presentation and thank them for sponsoring.
  • Read the child packets in advance of your Compassion Sunday event to become familiar with the children’s stories, so that you can direct people to a child that may fit them.
  • Put a poster up in your church using pictures of sponsored children that members of your church have sponsored.
  • Make it a team effort. If there are other sponsors in your church, work together to create a fun Compassion Sunday event.
  • Invite people to come to the sponsorship table at the end of the service.
  • Place your child’s letters and pictures in a binder on your sponsorship table for people to look at.

Helpful Speaking Tips

Practice. Practice with a timer, and rehearse out loud with all the equipment you plan on using.

Use personal stories and conversational language.

Visualize yourself giving your speech. Imagine yourself speaking, your voice loud, clear and confident.

Realize that people want you to succeed. Remember your church is rooting for you.

Relax. Pause, smile and count to three before saying anything. Transform nervous energy into enthusiasm.

Concentrate on the message. Focus your attention away from your own anxieties and concentrate on the importance of your message.

Pray & know that God is in control of the outcome!

Use this video to remind people to visit the Sponsorship Table